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What Role Does The White Shirt Play In Our Wardrobes?

What Role Does The White Shirt Play In Our Wardrobes?

The white shirt is a must-have that must always be renewed, that you will never get bored of and that will never leave the fashion scene.

We’re probably all subjective when we’re talking about a white shirt. Some people wear this piece almost daily.

It’s that basic that we never get bored of, that’s always fresh&cool and that always gets you out of the jam. But there are a few tips that, if you read them, you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

First of all, this piece comes well to anyone, regardless of silhouette, height, style.


Creative tips on how to wear the eternal white shirt:

1. With a spectacular piece

Choose a white jersey every time you want to wear a spectacular piece like a colorful sequin skirt. After you try other variants you will come to the conclusion that a white shirt is the most harmonious variant, but also the most stylish. Add an oversized necklace if you’re passionate about jewelry.

2. As simple as that

A white lin shirt is the ideal piece for summer vacation. Wear it with an apron of the same material or with a denim and a pair of espadrilles. Give up jewelry, instead add an oversized bag in the same tones as your outfit.

3. Overlays

A strap-strap dress, a slipdress or denim jumpsuit can be worn over a white shirt. Attention to its shape, however, should not be oversized but rather xs, so as to sit properly under these pieces. Your look will be minimal, typical of the 90s.

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4. Jewellery

Whenever I’m out of ideas but I want to wear a classy outfit with a twist I choose a whiteshirt, a pearl necklace and a pair of nonconformist jeans. It’s basically some kind of uniform for me, and I have to admit, I’m not tired of it.

5. Strong colors

If you are a fan of strong or fluo colors then it is necessary to have a white shirt at hand. Only this piece of clothing will bring your powerful shades to great notice in a stylish & fashion way. How about a huge oversized shirt and a pair of kitten heels of raw green? Try this variant and you’ll look uber cool!


This article was written by Alexandru Trestianu, the Managing Editor here at The A-Z Bible.

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