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The Most Common Mistakes You Make When Applying Mascara

The Most Common Mistakes You Make When Applying Mascara

Mascara is the most common product in makeup kits. But did you wondrer if you are applying it correctly?

Here are the most common mistakes you can make when applying mascara!

  1. Apply it in too many layers
    We often have the impression that by applying mascara in several layers, the effect will be more intense. This is the most common mistake we make. The more you apply, the more you get a spider web effect. The maximum of applications you need to make is 2-4 times.
  2. The mascara tube has too much air
    Each time you use mascara you tend to move the brush several times in the tube before application. You’re probably thinking that this way you’ll apply more product. But in this way mascara will dry out faster. If you want to use more of the makeup product, then insert the brush into the tube one more time. If you can’t get the quantity you want, you need to buy a new mascara because it’s over.
  3. Small particles of mascara end up on your face
    Have you ever wondered why you find particles of mascara under your eyes? It’s all because the product you’re using is either too old or it’s dry. Check the validity of the product once again. In any case, if the mascara you’re using is causing you problems like this, you should definitely throw it away.

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  1. Use an expired product
    It often happens that when we find something that we like, we don’t give up on it. And when we find that mascara that makes us happy, we stay true to it forever. We must, however, be careful! Like every makeup product, and mascara has a shelf life. Even if we’re in love with her, at some point we have to replace her with a new one. An expired mascara can cause allergic reactions, from redness of the eyes to itching. It is preferable to use it for up to three months; after this period it becomes an ideal environment for bacteria.
  2. Apply only on the tips of the eyelashes
    If you carefully apply mascara along the entire length of the eyelashes, you will get a marvelous effect. If, however, you only apply to the tips, your lashes will seem much shorter. Clean the brush thoroughly and make sure the entire length of the eyelashes is covered by the product. Don’t forget that there’s no need to press the mascara layers. Tip: Apply mascara with zigzag movements for uniform coverage.
  3. Hurry and apply with too much force
    In the intention of covering the entire length of the eyelashes, sometimes, the mascara reaches the eyelids. It’s like you’re wearing makeup in the car. It’s all because you’re applying too much pressure to your eyelids. Tip: Help yourself to an earstick and a little makeup remover to remove excess mascara.
  4. Use the eyelash-turning device… after you apply mascara
    Personally, I’ve created some dependence on the eyelash-turning machine, and I’m sure many of you are using it. But the most important thing is to use it correctly! The eyelash returnor is used before applying mascara. Using it after, when the lashes are loaded with the product, they can break and you’ll get your machine dirty.

    To have beautiful eyelashes with a healthy look, here are 3 practical tips!
    • Always remove your makeup at the end of the day! Even if you’re tired and it’s very late, never fall asleep in makeup!
    • Use mascara according to your needs. Do you need elongation or volume? Decide on your choice and buy a product of this type.
    • At least once a week use castor oil. It is ideal for moisturizing, brightening and stimulating eyelash growth. For application, help yourself to an old mascara brush to clean before.

This article was written by Alexandru Trestianu, the Managing Editor here at The A-Z Bible.

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