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Sustainable Fashion: A Trend And A Must

Sustainable Fashion: A Trend And A Must

It’s no wonder many emerging fashion brands are turning their backs to harmful chemicals that are slowly but surely destroying our beloved planet Earth. Newcomers into the industry are shifting their focus entirely towards creating more sustainable, chic clothing that looks great on us while… protecting the environment!

Such an initiative is actively pursued by London-based entrepreneur and fashion lover, Trang Dao, who recently launched her environmentally-friendly brand called PRJCT’ STUDIO. Their items are made entirely from 100% organic cotton, and their packaging from recyclable materials – and we live for it!

We got so excited about Trang’s new fashion project and the story behind it that we needed to find out more… so sit down, get your coffee, and let’s get into it!

We are so happy to virtually have you here with us, Trang! To start off, tell us a bit about yourself.

T: “I’m so happy to virtually be here with you guys! Thank you for having me! Well, I am Vietnamese, moved to London from Bucharest, Romania to study Business Management at University of Westminster and I am going into my 3rd year.

We are in love with your new sustainable clothing brand, PRJCT’ STUDIO. What’s the story behind it? What inspired you to develop this project?

T: “Thank you so much! I took a course at university where I basically had to pitch a business idea of my own. I found campaigns that encourage people to buy items that can be worn all year long; so it doesn’t take away your ‘addiction’ to shopping, you just ask yourself how often you’d wear the item after you buy it. At that time, I pitched the idea of customisable oversized outerwear that promotes all types of bodies, shapes and sizes. I did a few prototypes, but I realised it was not time effective to make in the long run. I switched to essential wear, like T-shirts and hoodies; you wear them everywhere and you always buy new ones every few months; except most of them are not sustainable. The lockdown during the Covid-19 Pandemic is what drove me to further continue and brainstorm this project. That’s why my first collection promotes keeping the social distance and keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.  I honestly got inspired by the people from social media and how they managed to turn a limitation into an opportunity to create and discover themselves; so that’s what I did too!

Sounds pretty cool, right? This pandemic has indeed kept us inside physically, but has given us wings creatively!

It’s exciting to see that sustainability comes first for emerging brands like yours. What environmental/socio-economic factors did you consider when you made the decision to create PJRCT’?

T: “The most common fabric in fashion is cotton. In the sustainable world, cotton is still common, only it is organic. That means that it is grown without any use of harmful chemicals, it is all naturally produced. It is a very breathable and comfortable fabric and it doesn’t harm anyone! Our logos are printed with water-based ink, which is more sustainable than conventional paint. The packaging is biodegradable and/or made from recyclable materials; I try to keep the packaging to a minimum and with a nice touch, you know, to avoid any waste. I am continuously working and researching ways to ensure that we are always sustainable, reducing waste, and making fashion conscious.

You’ve already launched the ‘Social Distancing’ T-Shirt. What are your future plans for PRJCT’?

T: “The ‘Social Distancing’ T-shirt was also created for the Asian community, after reading so many news about how Asians were violently attacked by people on the street. My next item of the collection will promote the BLM Movement. We want to be part of the change, therefore profits made from the sales will be going to a BLM charity. I am very excited about this, since this year has been quite difficult for everyone and we should take upon any opportunity that rises to help in our own creative ways.

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How do you feel about the future of sustainable fashion?

T: “Hmm, sustainable fashion would be the next big thing! I feel like people are already making baby steps into a more conscious life and that includes clothing shopping as well. There are quite a few brands that are either sustainable or have launched a conscious collection, so I am really excited to see how this will turn out in the long run.

This article was written by Leonardo Zor, the Managing Editor here at The A-Z Bible.

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