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Seasons Are So Last Year! Gucci Defines The New Normal

Seasons Are So Last Year! Gucci Defines The New Normal

All fashionistas are preparing rigorously in advance for the two most important months from the Fashion Calendar: February and September…Yes, we all know what is happening then and look forward to seeing the hottest trends of the new season. On a short answer- Fashion Week.

But what about now? A global pandemic destroyed the so-called “normal” and turned the world upside down, leaving us in uncertain times, when we are trying to find and define a new normal.

So does Gucci! The Kering- owned international brand decided to go seasonless and the announcement was made by the brand’s creative director Alessandro Michele in a diary entry posted to Gucci’s Instagram. “I will abandon the worn-out ritual of seasonalities and shows to regain a new cadence, closer to my expressive call,” he wrote. “We will meet just twice a year, to share the chapters of a new story. Irregular, joyful, and absolutely free chapters, which will be written blending rules and genres, feeding on new spaces, linguistic codes, and communication platforms.”

Gucci’s move is an extreme shout for change, that Marc Jacobs might closely follow as he immediately commented on the post with “Congratulations” emoji and “Let the music play!” When BOF made the official announcement too, the designer did not hesitate to share his support again. “What calendar? Onward. The old ways don’t work. Look up!”, “Bravo 👏. Couldn’t agree more. Let’s not repeat the past and expect different results” Marc Jacobs commented.

Saint Laurent, which is also owned by the French Kering-group, has announced its intention to skip Paris Fashion Week this September and reshape its schedule for showing collections for the rest of the year. There is no official announcement from LVMH yet, but, at this point, we are prepared for any kind of surprise.

What should we understand from here? Is the fashion industry-shaking from its core? Will 23/05/20 a day to remember in Fashion History? Is the traditional system reevaluated? We have so many questions crossing our minds right now and I bet you too.

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Alessandro Michelle has considered the controversial conversation that this post will bring, so he is holding an online press conference on Monday to offer more details about his intentions. And until further updates… the only thing we can do is embrace the changes, stay tuned and follow @Gucci for daily dairy posts.

This article was written by Raluca Ristea, the Managing Editor here at The A-Z Bible.

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