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Reimagining Fashion Shows: “See Now, Buy Now” 3D Virtual Reality Couture Week

Reimagining Fashion Shows: “See Now, Buy Now” 3D Virtual Reality Couture Week

The fashion world could be reimagined. Do you remember when Travis Scott debuted his virtual concert in Fortnite? It was such a success, reaching over 27.7 Million viewers. This leads us to wonder; could you imagine that all the Haute Couture fashion houses decided to run fashion shows in another virtual world as Travis Scott did? There is not doubt that this would be a great opportunity to engage with all the fashion enthusiasts and everyone could participate. Just try to picture how Gigi’s or Kendall’s avatar would look like. 

We will always remember how Shanghai’s 2020 fashion week took it to another level and decided to create the world’s very first digital fashion week. Given its success and the high level of online views, (which by the end of the fashion week reached 11 million) fashion shows seem to have found their oasis during these difficult times. Therefore, following Shanghai’s path; for the very first time ever, Paris Haute Couture shows will be streamed online and the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode will be hosting videos from the 6th until the 8th of July. 

Image Credit: Ada App

We are aware of how different and unusual the circumstances are. After all, we all love the atmosphere created during fashion week: the preparations, planning the outfit that you are going to wear, the catwalk, the photoshoots…Oh, and the afterparties. However, even-though this might not be forever; at least we can still have a glimpse of fashion and keep up with the trends. Besides, we should also take into consideration how traditional catwalk shows approach are more restrictive, given that the number of people who can physically attend and watch the show are more limited. However, by presenting the runways via a live-streaming platform; apart from giving more room for engaging directly with the viewers, it allows everyone to participate and share their ideas about each of the designs. 

Image Credit: The digital audience view of, Italian fashion house, Pinko’s collection

Going fully digital is a great once in a lifetime opportunity for both: the brands and fashion lovers. Brands will potentially benefit from introducing their new collections without missing any seasons via approaching to millions of customers online and viewers will gain from being able to purchase or get more information about the items at the same time as they are simultaneously watching the show.

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Moreover, given that they will be able to click on whichever of the pieces displayed on screen, this it will help fashion houses to understanding which items provoke higher demands, predict product trends and analyse different costumer profiles.

Image credit: Alibaba

This article was written by Claudia Villarrubia, the Chief Creative Officer here at The A-Z Bible.

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