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Kylie Jenner’s Driver’s License Photo Has Twitter Shaking

Kylie Jenner’s Driver’s License Photo Has Twitter Shaking

Two days ago, young billionaire Kylie Jenner decided to flex on her Instagram with a full glam close-up look at her driver’s license photo.

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The post got over 7 million likes and comments from thousands, making people annoyed she looks so good in it.

Others commented on the fact that she definitely had some lightning help for the photo, which wouldn’t be so surprising as her sister Khloé Kardashian did her own driver’s license photo shoot.

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Another pointed out “someone posted ‘drop the credit card info too’ under kylie jenners license photo I’m dying”.

This article was written by Andrei Grigorie, the Founder & Editor-In-Chief here at A-Z Bible.

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