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Enhance Your Natural Beauty With The Queen Of Face Yoga, Natalia Broberg

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With The Queen Of Face Yoga, Natalia Broberg

Meet Natalia Broberg, the Founder & Head Coach of Fit- Faces. Her main mission is to raise natural beauty awareness and to improve your face and facial complexion naturally.

”When it comes to natural beauty solutions I believe in a scientific approach ONLY, that’s why ALL my programs are approved by Neurologists, Plastic Surgeons and Gerontologists”. However, there is and there always will be an ageing process given the lack of collagen and elastin in the skin that will make us look older.

This can be prevented!

Face Yoga is a lifestyle which is highly recommendable to incorporate in our daily beauty routines to prevent ageing signs. It is really important to know that our own personal gestures and movements make everyone unique and that should not be paralysed or lost via injections…

Fit-Faces offer different face yoga exercises consisting on; a combination of facial work outs to relax the muscles to feel an instant uplift, face massages and special breathing techniques to assure that the essential amount of oxygen is delivered to the muscles. By nasal breathing you utilize the entire capacity of the lungs, this contributes to massaging the stomach and improving digestion; good digestion means great skin. Nasal breathing replaces the anxiety or stress with a distressing feeling, leading to calmness. This training contributes to a positive psychological and physical well-being. As we exercise our bodies, we should also exercise our faces.

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1. Tell us about your journey, how did you find out about this technique and what made you create Fit-Faces?

‘’I used to have a restaurant for a few years. However, I found myself on my own with two kids, I felt that my energy levels were draining and so was the restaurant money. It was a non- stop lifestyle. At some point I stared at myself in the mirror and I could not recognise myself anymore, I felt old, with a sad look… This ignited me to look for solutions, I researched about injections. However I was very young at that time… One day, I started watching  the series; ’’Suits’’, with Meghan Markle, she was gorgeous and I wondered how old she was. I googled her and found out that we had a very similar age. Therefore, I asked myself, how can she look so amazing? I kept researching about her daily habits, routines and discovered that in one interview she shared her facial exercises routine.

I told myself that it was non-sense, I used to be skeptical about it too. However, I started researching and I found endless information on the internet, I didn’t know which one to believe and there was a lot of controversy and opinions between bloggers… This led me to investigate a bit further and do scientific research. I clearly needed  proof approved by an authority, such a doctor, neurologist or a plastic surgeon. I ended up finding this program approved and developed by all of these authorities. It was by far the most effective and trustable program that you could possibly find, you could not injure or hurt yourself, there were only benefits.

I started doing these exercises and I noticed a change, I told myself that if I was able to appreciate a difference and other people too, maybe I could spread the word and share with others that there is a way to slow down ageing in a natural way. It was achievable and I saw it on myself, it was powerful and as a result, I developed the program based on all of these techniques”.

Natalia before and after four weeks of performing the exercises.

2. Have we been taught wrong? what do you think about age preventing creams?

”I think it is important to use creams, I definitely use creams , the ones that suit my skin the most. There is a belief that creams don’t pass the top layer of the skin, it does not go pass the surface. The main purpose of the cream is not to get read of the wrinkles, it does not have magic hooks that uplift the skin. I think they have a superficial result for a temporary effect, they do not reach the muscle, which are the responsible ones of ageing”.

3. There is a lot of discussion and controversy about this activity, why do you think people are sceptical about the concept” Face Yoga”?

”Facial excercises started a long time ago, in 1908 and were invented by Mr. Bennet, he began by testing the techniques on himself and of course, there were pictures of the before and after and you could massively appreciate the change, there was no photoshop by then so it was legitimate. It has taken a century to figure out what are the correct excersises. One of the objections I usually get is people wondering why they should pay for my program, my main answer usually is that you can find endless amounts of videos on the internet. However, you don’t know which ones are good or bad, you could  be following some exercises for year and don’t achieve any results. You require a legitimate opinion, approved by anatomy doctors and professionals, plastic surgeons to validate that you are doing the technique accurately, you need to have the program backed up, and mine is”.

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”The core of my program is to relax the facial muscles,  when the muscle is relaxed there is a face lift. These muscles are very different to the body ones, people usually associate that facial muscles need to be pumped up and worked out, thats why I get the skepticism, because you should not add extra stress to the muscles, you should simply relax them. We constantly use facial muscles to express emotions, even at nigh-time, to the extent that they get overused. As a result, they tense and shrink. The muscle is closely attached to the skin, so when the muscle shrinks, the skin starts folding and forming a wrinkle, it is not because of gravity that the skin falls, it is because the skin doesn’t have anywhere to go basically”.  

4. In how long do you start noticing the changes?

” If you are young, before 40 years old you will be able to see the changed as little as in a week, if you follow the proper program, not just a few exercises and the scheduled movements in a specific sequence, you will see the changes in a week. You will definitely improve your neck or a double chin and notice a glow in your skin’’.

5. Is it too late to start? At what age should face yoga ideally be taken into consideration?

‘’ I would suggest to start implementing face yoga from 25 years old, I recommend to begin at this age given that when we turn 25 years old, the developing growing process is over and therefore it is when ”ageing” begins. I would also suggest to practice it during 10 to 15 minutes everyday”.

6. This is a technique that everyone should know about, how would you define ”Mewing”? What is it?

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This technique was invented by a British dentist called Dr. Mew. It helps you improve your lower face, it improves the jawline, and the position of the lower jaw. For example, if you have an undeveloped lower jaw, the force of this ‘’ Mewing’’ movement believes that if you keep doing it , within 3 years time you will improve the position of the jaw and you teeth… I have not been doing it consecutively for 3 years. However, you can check it out on my channel to see how to do the exercise. It’s more like a lifestyle, you have to be conscious about it and implement it in your daily life, because it is a very simple technique, just by creating the awareness and transform it into a habit”.

”The movement consist on closing the mouth, place entire tongue, from the root to the tip on the roof of your mouth and gently close the teeth, you can literally see how instantly the angle of the jaw appears sharper”.

7. Tell us about the 6 weeks challenge and what does your course include?

”I have various programs, the 6 week program is the most  effective one, the others are shorter and are just for the clients that want to test it first in more specific areas of the face. However, I recommend the full face program. I always respond to my client’s questions and if they are unsure about how they are performing the excersice or if they are worried about that they are doing it wrong or if they are unsure about what exactly does their face need, I ask them to send me either a video of themselves performing the exercise so I can correct their technique or a photo of themselves before they start the program; this way I will tell them what they exactly need. Finally, after the client concludes the program, I recommend them which exercises they should keep performing to maintain. The most challenging exercises are absolutely the ones that you resist the most and therefore you should carry on practising those”.

8. Any additional tips to take care of their face and skin that you would like to share with the readers?

‘’ Drink lots of water, 8 glasses a day to keep hydration,  and allow the body to have the capacity to clean itself and release all the toxins. Keep a healthy diet and a lifestyle by taking care of yourself, from your inside by eating healthy and your outside, working out and exercising”.

”No stress, try meditation to relax, even 5 minutes of it a day to set the right positive tone of the day’’.

Are you ready to enhance your natural beauty? You can now sign up for the 4 days program and check if out!

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This article was written by Claudia Villarrubia, the Head Creative Officer here at The A-Z Bible.

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