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Behind the Lens: Meet Anastasia Fedoseeva, The Street Pie

Behind the Lens: Meet Anastasia Fedoseeva, The Street Pie

Anastasia Fedoseeva (or as many of you may know her from Instagram, The Street Pie) is one of the fashion photographers you must follow! We were curious to see what it’s like to travel all around the world shooting streetstyle at fashion weeks, so here’s an exclusive interview #BehindTheLens:

  1. Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my trips across the world. I love walking (usually I do not take public transport when traveling) and discover the city by foot and with my camera (once in Paris I walked 30 km by foot haha). Also when I was a child my mom always took me to museums and art exhibitions, and I think it had a big impact on me as well. I notice small details everywhere, not only in outfits, but across the streets, on architecture, people’s faces, etc.

Source: Instagram // @thestreetpie
  1. Whose work has influenced you the most and why? 

I LOVE works of Jean-Paul Goude. First I came across his work in some fashion magazine when I was around 10 years old. Since then I love movements on the shots. My inspiration was Le21em (@aks in instagram). It was in 2014, when I started taking pictures during Fashion Weeks and saw his photos – I was in love with the pictures (because there was – and IS now – not only streetSTYLE, but STREET as well, so you can feel the atmosphere on the picture). 

  1. If you were to choose a favourite shot, which one would it be?

I am a VERY demanding perfectionist (haha it’s true) and 99,9% of my work for me is not good enough. Moreover I love street photography more, as people are not willing to be shot and they are calm in their ordinary life (not ready to be shot on the camera). That is why I love more some of my travel photos (as for example this one that I took at Navigli in Milan) than streetstyle photography even with perfectly captured details. 

  1. Which city have you found the most stylish from your experiences shooting street style?

Every city is an inspiration for me, even if I travel there a lot. For example, I’ve been to Paris more than 20 times (or even more, it seems millions), but still I love Paris Fashion Weeks. I think people there (not only Parisians, but everyone who comes to Paris) have different perception of style and trends. They do not copy, do not want to be as bright and colourful as possible, do not want to be super freaky to get attention, but they are who they are. Very calm but at the same time trendy, a little bit freaky but at the same time elegant. So, yes, I love streetstyle in Paris =)

Source: Instagram // @thestreetpie
  1. If we compare street style then and now, what differences do you see?

I started in 2014 and I’ve been taking pictures for 6 years already (wow! I just realised this is a lot hah). A lot of «new» trends, new faces and new philosophy of perception, but I think streetstyle in general is the same. I mean streetstyle as a photography genre.

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  1. Biggest lessons learned as time has gone by?

Never give up. You can cry and complain a little bit, but you have to be strong. Unfortunately talent is almost nothing without hard working. 

  1. Any advice for young photographers?

Take pictures! Everywhere you can and want. Try different photography genres (portraits, street photography, architecture, etc.) and you will find things you love the most. You can copy the works of some famous photographers as well (but don’t say it’s your own idea, just try and learn) – when copying it also helps to discover your own style. Of course a good photo camera takes better quality pictures, but now it is absolutely not necessary, as you may take excellent pictures even with your phone camera. Travel, read, discover new things around you – and you will find you own way!

Source: Instagram // @thestreetpie

This article was written by Andrei Grigorie, the Founder & Editor-In-Chief here at A-Z Bible.

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