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#AZBibleExclusive: Inside Kofi Case’s Glamorous Life

#AZBibleExclusive: Inside Kofi Case’s Glamorous Life

From £250 lunches at the most luxurious restaurants to owning his own non-profit organization, Kofi Case is one of the most inspiring influencers in the industry. And he’s not trying it ‘too hard’ at all.

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Get to know him in an #AZBibleExclusive interview below (that we absolutely #loved!):

  1. Any favourite travel destination?

My favourite place to travel is south of France or Italy especially in summer. Europe in summer has the best atmosphere and it’s so beautiful. You can’t beat the Côte d’Azur or Positano on a yatch in July/August.

When I travel somewhere with natural beauty I love to see the views from a helicopter instead of from the ground & that’s definitely a highlight of each trip.

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  1. What’s your favourite designer?

It’s hard for me to pick just one designer brands because I truly love many however a few of my favourites are Saint Laurent, Gucci & Hermès.

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  1. What’s the most expensive item you own?

I’m not really sure to be honest if I like something a buy it, I don’t look a prices.

  1. Giving the fact that you have a huge audience on Instagram, how hard it is for you to inspire all of them day by day?

I don’t put too much pressure on myself regarding my Instagram, I think social media should be fun & light-hearted so that’s why I just post my everyday life, fashion, outfits, travels, etc. I do however think it’s important for people with large platforms to use that audience/influence for good & that’s why I have launched my own non-profit organization The Happy Help Projectwhich is a unique platform for helping people help people. Aiming to spread blessings and fulfill wishes by
linking donors with beneficiaries internationally. We help source resources to help fight climate change, racial injustices, hungry children, natural disasters & many more courses.

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  1. What are your predictions regarding the fashion industry considering the whole pandemic situation?

The fashion industry is constantly evolving & 2020 has brought forward two major topics: racial equality & sustainability. From Paris Fashion Week being cancelled to fabric factories in India unable to pay their workers, we have seen how the global pandemic has had a domino effect on every aspect of the fashion industry and how a more sustainable future would better for all. Just today we saw Selfridges will start offering clothing rental & resale as part of a number of moves into sustainable fashion and I believe this is just the beginning for high fashion retailers pushing for better environmental practices.

  1. Any future plans we should know about?

I like to live in the moment & the future is unknown. So we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

This article was written by Andrei Grigorie, the Founder & Editor-In-Chief here at A-Z Bible.

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