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7 Nail Trends To Adopt This Summer

7 Nail Trends To Adopt This Summer

Whether DIY manicure is your current obsession, or you were looking forward to beauty saloons’ grand reopening, we created a list with the hottest nail trends to follow in Summer of 2020. We know that holidays are a long-distance dream, but who can stop us from bringing the holiday vibes home?!

1. Reinterpreted French

We have always loved the French Manicure. Classy, simple, and extremely stylish, this summer it comes in all colors. Do not hesitate to use your favorite shades or just mix them all, as Tezza did. There are no rules!

2. Sea-glass

Not your usual manicure, but it is a fun and expressive trend to try. Similar to Jelly Nails, these are slightly more opaque and finished with a matte top coat.

3. Metallics

Sassy, Moody, Nasty…Not only on TikTok but also on our nails from now on. Chiara Ferragni seems to set the perfect example and we adore it.

4. Pastel

Pastel nails have a huge comeback this summer. Candy inspired colors, glossy topcoat, and sweet prints will make our days happier.

5. Summer Blues

We know it’s hard to make decisions, so don’t do it! Sky blue, navy blue, marine blue…ahh so much love for this colour. Just mix and match them all! There is no right or wrong when it comes to this colour!

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6. Nude

You can opt for nude alone, or, for a cool spin, you can play around with shapes, lines, ombre or a matte finish. This trend is about feeling brave, but keeping it classy.

Source: Pinterest

7. Yellow

Sunshine on our nails? Yes, please! Bold & Bright, yellow has a huge comeback.

Source: Pinterest

This article was written by Raluca Ristea, the Managing Editor here at A-Z Bible.

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