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7 Habits That Can Destroy Your Skin

7 Habits That Can Destroy Your Skin

You probably still don’t realize how many daily habits you think are innocent can affect your facial skin in the long run.

Of course, you’ve seen so many ads for products that promise a skin 10 years younger and without spots, but it’s time to realize that nothing is as rosy as it seems and that it’s much better to stay away from certain things before they have negative effects.


What’s causing the skin? Here’s a list of habits that need to go away:

1. Stop squeezing your pimples

I know, it’s so tempting, especially since every time you look in the mirror, they’re the first thing that gets your attention. But the fact that you’re squeezing them only helps the bacteriais to get deeper into the pores, causing other, more numerous rashes. There are many things that negatively affect our skin, but that don’t depend on us, so why not put down these risks by controlling what we can?

2. Excessive use of hairspray

Hair spray is sometimes indispensable to be able to control our rebellious hairs and give a shape to the hairstyle every day, but it, in contact with the skin, produces harmful effects. No, you don’t need to give it up, you need to use it properly and keep your skin away from it.

3. Glasses

The more often they are worn, the more demanding they are and require more care– that they just come into contact with your skin, which is a sensitive place to be protected. Thus, the glasses must be cleaned constantly, because the bacteria that cause the appearance of pimples deposited so easily and are very difficult to remove.

4. Everyday Coffee

Many of us don’t even conceive that we might work without a daily dose of coffee. However, because of this addiction, we tend to ignore the strong impact that caffeine can have on the skin dehydration, which later results in the appearance of wrinkles. If you still can’t give up coffee, be sure to consume a lot of water to balance the situation.

5. Mobile phone

Just think about all the places you’ve put your phone in the last 24 hours: in your purse, your pants pockets, your restaurant table, your car seat, etc. Bacteria have gathered from every place your phone has been sitting, and will penetrate the pores and harm the skin on your face. So it’s necessary to keep a pack of wet wipes with you at all times and clean your phone every time you remember.

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6. Hot showers

Although it is so comfortable and relaxing (especially during the cold season), heat and steam, as a result of the shower too hot and too long, can dry the skin of your face. So always use moderate temperatures when adjusting the water before each shower and make sure you don’t leave your skin exposed for too long to the heat. Shower covers for filtering are also a good idea for skin health.

7. Chlorine

You probably feel an atypical sensation every time you leave the pool and you don’t understand why your face is “squeezing”, even though you’ve used a protective cream. Well, this is because chlorine (especially when in contact with beach lotions) sticks to the skin and produces unwanted effects, such as acne, so it is recommended to wash carefully and very well to make sure that you have cleaned the skin properly.

This article was written by Alexandru Trestianu, the Managing Editor here at The A-Z Bible.

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