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24 Hours of Lockdown with Karen Gallman

24 Hours of Lockdown with Karen Gallman

Karen Gallman is a Filipina Australian beauty queen, who was crowned as Miss Intercontinental 2018. Now, she is resting at home in London with her husband, (Spoiler Alert!) impatiently waiting for her honeymoon as soon as this is all over. Let’s see how a day in her life looks like!

1. What time do you wake up in the morning? 

It use to be 8am now it’s 9:30am the latest! Reason being my bedtime now is quite late. I hit the sheets between 12am-1am 

2. What’s first — breakfast or coffee?

Always breakfast first!

3. What’s your favourite quarantine outfit? (+ pic if possible)

Sweats and oversized t-shirts.

4. How does your day look like, now that we’re all staying home?

I find myself cooking and cleaning a lot more. I check regularly on my indoor plants which might sound crazy to some but hey if it fills your day then why not! I try to squeeze in a daily exercise when possible and some reading to keep myself sane! 

5. What’s your favourite corner?

6. 5 movies/TV series recommendations?

I like watching documentaries and the docus that moved me were: 

  1. The Ivory Game 
  2. Chasing Corals
  3. Cowspiracy
  4. Heal
  5. What The Health 
  6. Before The Flood

7. Got any tips we could use while staying home?

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Keep yourself busy and occupied by getting creative, learn a skill or two. There’s so many platforms and tools online these days that you can use for free, take advantage of it! 

8. What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is all over?

Definitely hit a cocktail bar and order myself a nice dirty Martini to celebrate, followed by a trip overseas for my honeymoon. 

Source: Instagram // @karen_gallman

9. What’s your beauty ritual?

No matter how tired I am, I will always take my make up off! I will then cleanse and hydrate by applying a moisturizer or an overnight cream. I also like to mask once or twice a week to keep my skin happy.

This article was written by Andrei Grigorie, the Founder & Editor-In-Chief here at A-Z Bible.

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